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Barcode Verification on your Label Printer

One of the videos on our YouTube channel is about calibrating the barcode verifier in your Honeywell PX940V label printer.  We wanted to remind you that video is available for you, but also to remind you about this fantastic product that Honeywell came out with last year. You can have barcode verification on your label printer!

Many of our customers have barcode compliance issues and are paying huge fines to their retail customers for non-compliant barcodes.  The age-old problem is how do you test every barcode to be sure it is compliant and will be readable by your customer.  Many companies have relied on spot checking with a handheld bar code verifier.  Others rely on the operator to visually check the barcodes to be sure that they “look” okay.  But neither of these options guarantee that every barcode that you produce is indeed readable and to spec.

In comes the Honeywell PX940V. The cool thing about this printer is that it interrogates the data string as it comes in to see where the barcodes are, what data is in them and what symbology they are.  Then, incorporated right into the printer is a line scanner that reads the bar code, grades it to ISO specifications and confirms that the data is correct. This means you can have barcode verification on your label printer with no PC or additional software required.

Don’t have Honeywell printers now and worried about changing all your label formats.  Not a problem, we have found that the printer works better interpreting Zebra’s ZPL than most other printer languages.

But wait there is more.  How do I prove to my customer that the barcode was verified and readable when it left my facility?  The printer is also able to store the verification report for every label remotely so that label verification can be called up later and sent as proof of compliance. This really is a groundbreaking product; we have sold many of them over the last year and they are proven to be reliable and effective.  Contact the EMP Tech Group today, we have demo units available and can bring one to your site to try.

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