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Mobile Computer Support

Mobile Computer Support

Mobile Computers have become an essential component that many workers depend on to get their job done. We have been servicing mobile computers for years now, but we have worked hard to now offer a full suite of services to meet each customer’s needs.  Check out the various levels below and contact us today to get started!

EMPCare for Warehouse Devices


EMP will manage your factory maintenance contracts for you.  Tracking their expiration and renewing them as needed.  EMP can also manage your MDM (Mobile Device Management) contracts, keeping them current and using the MDM to help support the devices.

EMP will also manage the RMA process from the factory, going through any needed support process, sending you the RMA number from the factory and the shipping label.  We then follow the repair process to ensure the device is repaired and returned.

All of this is managed through a simple EMP OneTouch portal.  The end-user puts in their site information and information on the device once and we take it from there.  All handled with OneTouch by the customer.  EMP can even manage devices from more than one manufacturer.  So, no need for multiple login credentials and managing multiple IT support channels, it is all done by EMP.

Basic +EMPCare for Device Setup and Configuration

EMP will configure the device for you before it is sent back to the site.  This can be done with or without the spares pool.  A one scan configuration barcode will be set up for each site and EMP will manage the configurations, so the devices are ready to use with no additional IT intervention when they arrive.

Basic + SparesEMPCare Spares Pool

In addition to the Basic features, EMP will manage a spares pool for you. When your site has a broken unit, we will get the RMA from the factory for the repair and then send a hot spare from the pool to the site for immediate delivery.  We will then replenish the spares pool with the repaired device when it arrives back from the factory.

Full Support

EMPCare Android Expertise

EMP will also provide first line support for your end users.  This means instead of contacting your inhouse IT team, your users will first contact us.  We will then use the required MDM tools to remote into the device to attempt to remedy the issue.  If the issue is resolved remotely, great, if an onsite trip is required to fix the problem, we offer that service as well.  If all else fails and the device needs to go into the factory for repair, we will also manage that process.

FlexibilityEMPCare Device Visibility

Do not see what you need above, no problem, we will customize a solution for you.  You can pick from the services above or add in new ones if we do not currently offer a feature that is beneficial to you.


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Label Printer Services

We Are There When You Need Us!

You rely on your label printers to work when you need them. Having reliable printers means you’re able to hit production targets, fill orders, and do business without costly delays. We work hard to keep your printers running their best. Our team of service engineers is in-house and on the road every single day servicing our customer’s printers.

Our factory certified technicians are ready and available for:

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Hardware Design Services

Hardware Design Services

The last thing that people think about in a project is the enclosure to house the interface hardware, the mounting required to hold a scanner or printer in the right place or the fixturing needed to hold the part. Over the years we have acquired the tools and honed the skills needed to build these custom items that are necessary to make the project work.

We have built hardware for a variety of projects from machine vision to barcode reading and even the installation of wireless access points. Contact us today to see how we can help with your automation project!


  • Knowledgable Engineering Services Team
  • Ability to design and fabriccate custom hardware
  • We install to make sure every component is correct

Machine Vision Projects

Machine Vision usually requires an enclosure with a fixture to hold the part. The enclosure is where the camera and lighting are mounted and is also needed to shield the inspection process from ambient light.

Conveyor Line Scan

Conveyor line scanning projects require mounting hardware to hold the bar code scanners and lighting in the right place to read the bar codes. Sometimes this is a six-sided scanning project with cameras and lights all over the place.

Unless you want a mess of cabling, you need a neat and orderly panel build to house the interface hardware, cables, industrial PC, alarms and indicators to name a few.

Wireless Access Points

Wireless access points can sometimes disappear into the ceiling when it is 30 or 40 feet up. Also, when trouble-shooting, it can be challenging to know which access point is which. Because of this, EMP developed a mounting system that includes a solid plastic back plate, bright yellow identification labels, mounting hardware and safety straps. Now access points are easy to spot and easily identifiable.

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Programming and Integration Services

Programming and Integration Services

We sell world-class automation hardware and software. We specialize in Mobile Computers, Barcode Scanners, Label Printers, RFID, Machine Vision, Wireless Networking, Laser Marking and much more. Sometimes these products plug into your operations with little additional effort. Sometimes it requires major surgery to get the new automation hardware to work properly with your systems.

Our programming and integration services get you up and running as quickly as possible. We have worked on a variety of integration projects over the years. Our team can do it all from software installation to custom programming and hardware design and installation. Below are a few examples of the many projects we have worked on over the years.

Mobile Computing

For Mobile Computing, EMP sells and supports many Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools to enable customers to push updates and support mobile computers remotely and from the cloud. Wireless networking for mobile computers is a specialty that we excel in. Devices going across your warehouse on a forklift coming within range of a dozen access points in just a few minutes requires a network designed to seamlessly handle these types of handoffs.

Label Printing

For Label Printing, EMP offers two primary label printing software packages, BarTender and NiceLabel. Our team can install network versions of these applications, design label formats, connect to databases for label data and much more.

Machine Vision

Machine Vision is an extremely challenging product. The level of knowledge and experi-ence needed to understand and use the tools required for this type of project is immense. With decades of experience, EMP can design and integrate machine vision systems into your operations to perform quality inspection on your parts labels.


RFID is something that many of our customers want to use to help automate their opera-tions. There are many misperceptions about how RFID works and what it is truly capable of doing. EMP can help you to navigate the murky waters of RFID and find out for sure if this is a technology that makes sense for your business.

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Project Management

Project Management

All of our customers have one thing in common—they have limited IT and Project Management resources. Stir in the fact that the products that we sell tend to be complex and specialized, and you have a big need for out-sourced project management.

Below are some examples of the types of projects that we manage for our customers. Each project follows a process: quote, specifications development, scope of work document, project timeline creation, assigning of a dedicated project manager, weekly status meetings, and the formation of a team for every installation. We at EMP have multiple projects like this going on at all times. We manage anywhere from 300 to 400 projects in a given year. They range from small to large projects, and some are local while others are across the country.

As always, we go the extra mile to be sure that your project is successful and on time. Here are a few examples of the types of projects that EMP Tech Group’s engineering team can manage for you.


We can manage your warehouse by installing mobile computing, label printing, wireless networking, label software, mobile power carts, and cloud-based support tools. We will get the correct people trained in order to meet all go-live dates, and repeat the warehouse overhaul at each location that is needed.

Machine Vision

We have installed many machine vision systems that involve cameras, lighting, fixtures, custom user interfaces, training and database integration. We can repeat this process for every machine vision application on your floor.


We have managed a number of traceability projects including cloud-based applications that can track production on your shop floor, barcode scanner integration, installing PC-based work stations, label printer installation, mobile computer installation, database integration, reporting, and end-user training. If you want to improve how you track your production, we can help!

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Wireless Network Services

Wireless Network Services

Wireless Networking in the warehouse and shop floor is a different animal from traditional wireless networks. When you are dealing with mobile computers and printers traveling across the warehouse or production floor on a forklift, your wireless network needs to be designed to handle mobility. EMP has partnered with wireless network hardware providers that understand mobility and have things like preemptive roaming built-in.

Decades of experience in mobile computing give us the edge in wireless networking in the warehouse and shop floor.

Access Points

In manufacturing and logistics, the ceilings are very high. How do you install your access points so that they can be easily seen and identified? EMP has designed a safe and robust mounting system that allows you to clearly find and identify the access point from the ground.

Remote Management

How do you manage your network remotely? What if you have many sites across the country that you are responsible for? We have the latest cloud based tools that will allow you to manage your wireless network from anywhere, anytime.

POE Switches

One of the challenges in wireless networking for the warehouse and manufacturing floor is the large distances that need to be covered by the wireless network. Using the proper POE switch along with a good layout of the overall network can overcome these challenges. Also, the cost of installing fiber can sometimes be eliminated by smart planning. EMP has the experience to give your warehouse rock solid wireless coverage and good planning helps lay out the switches and access points in an optimal way.

Networking for Mobile Computers

When you are doing a wireless site survey for mobile devices, you need to engineer a network that is not over saturated. Traditional wireless networking has a “more is better” approach to placing access points. In mobile computing, this approach creates havoc. EMP has invested in the latest software tools needed to perform a thorough wireless site survey.

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