Automotive Parts Tracking


Design an all-encompassing automotive parts tracking system for an automotive aftermarket facility.


Zebra ZT411 printers, Zebra DS3608ER and DS3678ER Scanners, custom web browser application.


As was stated in a previous newsletter, EMP implemented a very successful inventory management system for an automotive bumper facility. This time, the customer purchased a new facility for all of their aftermarket components, and they wanted to implement the inventory tracking system throughout the entire shop floor. They knew EMP had the team on staff to get the job done right.

EMP wrote a web browser application to track the parts. As each component is received, its barcode is scanned and a new part label is created in order to track the piece throughout the facility. The application allows the manufacturer to understand where every single component is within their facility at any given time. In order to keep production running smoothly, a dwell time is set for each component that is scanned. If this dwell time is exceeded at any location on the shop floor, that area turns red on the floor map. The floor map also highlights (in yellow) any high-priority parts that need to be moved through. These high-priority parts are determined with a complex algorithm. When a part is scanned into a new station, a preloaded video shows the operator exactly how to place each component. A new label may also be automatically printed at a station as a part is scanned.

The complete solution will give the customer the knowledge of exactly where each component is at a given moment on the shop floor and who completed each operation. The shop floor is now running at its maximum efficiency with little to no cost for misplaced or incorrect components being shipped.

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