Custom Web Browser Application

Screenshoot of Custom Web Application for parts usage and replenishment

Improve the product replenishment process for a local cable and internet company.


Custom web browser application.

Mock up of Custom Web App on iPhone

A local cable company was on the hunt for someone to solve the product replenishment problems that were occurring. During their search, they came across EMP Technical Group. They have the hardware and software knowledge needed to complete this job.

The cable company’s field workers are on-site at their customers daily. Each job requires different material ranging from cable wire to routers and more. In fact, there are 400-500 parts that a field worker may need on any given day. The cable company warehouse needs to be stocked with these components so that the field workers are able to stock their trucks each day.

Previously, the cable company was having their field workers hand write all of the items they used during the day. They would turn this list back into the warehouse for them to order and re-stock those items. Unfortunately, this process involved a lot of errors; therefore causing stock issues.

EMP was brought in to automate this process. The software designers at EMP worked hard to create a completely custom web browser interface for the cable company. The application scales to any device (computer, phone, or tablet) and is a database and ordering system for all of their 400-500 components. The application was designed for ease of use: auto-fill when typing favorites list, picture of each item, ability to quickly add new products, etc. Once a cart is created the order button is hit and this informs the warehouse to order these parts.

This solution has also helped the cable company track what components are used on what job. The field workers each have a mobile device running this application and are now more efficient than ever!

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