Mobile Carts for the Visually Impaired


Design a labeling process for the visually impaired centered around mobility and efficiency.


Newcastle lithium-ion mobile cart, (3) Zebra ZD420 printers, custom software for integration.


The EMP team is always looking to serve their customers, and they love a good customer who is also a good cause. Bosma Enterprises has been one of those customers for EMP for some time now; a great partnership where EMP not only provides products and services to help Bosma run efficiently but also an opportunity for EMP to give back to a great charity.

So when the good folks at Bosma recently asked EMP to help them make a new labeling operation both mobile and more efficient, they gladly jumped in. A new customer requirement was driving the change in their labeling process. The VA hospitals throughout the United States are now requiring that the items be packaged in a more sterile container and labeled with a Bosma GS1 barcode directly onto the packaging.

The engineers at EMP designed a mobile power cart with a custom software application to address all of the new requirements. The Newcastle Lithium-Ion Mobile Cart was loaded with (3) Zebra ZD420 printers. Bosma added their own laptop computer and a very large monitor that allows the visually impaired operators to use the system. As a new package is presented, the barcode is scanned and enters into the custom program. The operator then presses a button to select which of the 3 manufacturers they are labeling, and finally, they press a button to print. The label is printed at one of the three printers depending on the manufacturer. The system has satisfied all requirements from the VA and has made the labeling process more efficient.

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