Modernize Picking Application

MC9090 to MC9300 upgrade

Modernize the customer’s mobile computers and convert the existing outdated picking application to a modern web application.


Zebra MC9300 with a custom web browser interface.


A tooling manufacturer previously worked with the engineers at EMP to design the picking process in their warehouse. The original solution involved a number of MC9090s running Windows Mobile 6.5. Unfortunately, as years passed Windows Mobile support became obsolete and the customer was down to a few working mobile computers. It was time for an upgrade.

The customer had such a great experience working with the team at EMP that they reached out to them again for the product refresh. The customer was very familiar with the MC9090 design and were happy with the ruggedness of the product so EMP stayed within that product family, but upgraded them to the MC9300s which gave them many improvements on battery life, Wi-Fi connections, processing power, memory, touchscreen, and more.

Old application screen to new application screen

The hardware was a simple upgrade, but the team at EMP wanted to design a custom application so the customer wouldn’t be stuck in the same obsolete situation 5 years from now. The standard OS for the MC9300 is Android. While the picking application could have quickly been converted over to Android this would leave the customer stuck in Android just like they were stuck in Windows Mobile 6.5. In order to future-proof the solution, the software engineers at EMP decided to write a custom web browser application for the picking process.

The web browser application can be accessed from any web enabled device. Orders can be printed and scanned from any of these devices. The infrastructure of the application also allows the customer to easily make additions to the application in the future. This solution will save the customer significant time and development costs in the future. EMP works hard to deliver the best solution for each of their customers.

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