Modernizing Parts Delivery

Upgrade from MT2000 to TC21

Upgrade technology, hardware, and OS to ease the validation process for a medical device manufacturer.


Zebra TC21 mobile computer running Android, and application built using the MCL rapid development tool.

Legacy Windows CE application screen next to new Android application

A medical device manufacturer had a number of mobile devices running Windows CE. The support for Windows CE had expired so the manufacturer wanted to upgrade their devices. They were looking to upgrade to a technology that would also simplify their process for picking parts to re-supply their cell-based production lines. During the picking process, it is imperative that the correct parts are picked and put into the right locations line side. Also, the lot numbers all have to be collected and stored. The EMP Tech Group designed and implemented a solution for this several years ago with legacy Symbol Technologies MT2000 mobile computers running Windows CE. This solution has worked well for the customer, but technology has continued to improve and the requirements by the FDA continue to make changes at the customer difficult and expensive.

The customer decided to reach out to their long-time technology partner, EMP, to understand how they could improve their current solution. EMP’s extensive knowledge of the products produced a quick solution. The refreshed solution upgraded the MT2000 to the Zebra TC21 mobile computer running Android. The difference in screen size is massive, not to mention the faster processor, more memory, and better bar code scanner. Now the customer has a modern device with a modern operating system that will last for years to come. The customer will need that since every change means re-validating the operation for the FDA.

The icing on the cake is the fact that the EMP Tech Group used MCL which is a rapid program development environment for both the old application and the new one on Android. This made a rewrite of the code much less complex and the cost of having to re-validate the process is at least partially offset by the low programming cost for the rewrite by EMP. The team at EMP is well trained in not only the hardware but also the software required to implement your solutions quickly and effectively.

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