Real-Time Part Replenishment


Leverage existing hardware assets while providing a turn-key part replenishment solution.


Health check of existing sensor network hardware, solution design, update WhereCall Buttons, update and add WhereLAN sensors, install MotionWorks Enterprise Server, configure Material Flow Software, utilize existing tablets for material handlers.


A new high-tech automotive company purchased a decommissioned GM factory to start manufacturing their newly designed all-electric truck. The facility has a 6.2 million ft squared footprint and can produce up to 600,000 cars per year. With this facility, the customer inherited many existing assets, including components for a digital part replenishment system – namely, WhereCall wireless call buttons and WhereNet sensors. These components are part of a Zebra Material Flow solution, but they needed updates, additions for adequate coverage, and there was no software to interpret button presses into an actionable part request for material handlers to deliver the right parts to the right location in the correct order by route and priority.

Zebra MotionWorks Enterprise is a sophisticated middleware platform that can aggregate large amounts of data into actionable events for a variety of data collection and location technologies while providing a single integration point for business applications. It is necessary for Material Flow deployments and can be leveraged to provide real-time location and historical data related to valuable enterprise resources people, equipment, and supplies indoors and out.

Zebra Material Flow is a web-based, enterprise-level software package providing real-time execution management with visibility and communication throughout the plant. It is designed to help customers evolve from disjointed, labor-intensive replenishment processes to a real-time, enterprise-wide demand-driven replenishment system. Replenishment reporting gives access to data such as historical calls, open calls, graphs and dashboards, and data exportability. This valuable data allows management to increase productivity and accountability while limiting excess inventory, delivery times, and downtime.

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