RFID Match Code


A company was having issues transitioning their inventory tracking from barcodes to RFID tags.


Design a stationary as well as a mobile match code solution to sort through defective RFID labels and then identify the ones that were kicked off the assembly line, using an Zebra MC3300.


A company that manufactures motor oil was having to update their inventory tracking due to the retailer’s mandate. They wanted to be able to ensure that each container of oil was labeled with the appropriate label and could be identified accurately by an RIFD reader. The EMP team went in to first setup a stationary match code that operates through an EMP built program that filters out the desired container. The filtration program also makes sure the RFID tag can be read by an antenna as it passes through the line. If the label is NOT working or has the incorrect tag, then the container is kicked off the assembly line. That’s where the mobile match code comes into play. The operations staff then use an MC3300 that contains an EMP custom built app (using MCL) that allows the operator to identify which tags are not operating and the reason behind it. To see a little bit of the stationary match code process, watch the video below!

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