“Pick Me!” A Look into Electronic Shelf Labels


Create an error-proof stocking/picking workflow for a warehouse serving a fast-paced assembly plant.


Design and implement an application where a stocking operator scans a barcode, triggering an Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) to illuminate. This enables the operator to accurately deliver the correct product to the correct bin every time.

ESL with No Signal


ESL Tag illuminated
ESL with Signal

A valued customer wanted to minimize line stoppage and error-proof their picking workflow. As a stocking operator arrives with a cart to stock the bins, a picking operator is gathering them from the opposite side to be transported to the assembly line. Imagine a milk cooler at a supermarket. Incorrect stock placement often led to line stoppages due to incorrect parts being delivered to a time sensitive assembly line.

In collaboration with the customer, EMP acquired 200 ESLs (using E Ink technology), flashing when signaled. Normally used in the retail industry, these ESLs communicate with a special Access Point (AP) but needed a customized control interface. EMP engineers first created a webpage that controls communication between the ESLs and the AP, but also allows for display customization of each label. The webpage allows the employee to now scan a barcode with a Zebra handheld scanner, which then signals the correlating ESL to flash, identifying the correct bin to place the product. This makes for a seamless and mistake-free experience. It’s only the first stage in establishing this application. EMP engineers are currently working to expand this prototype to a broader system within the company’s network of warehouse and production facilities.

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