Business is Personal

We are always trying to humanize things around here at EMP. Trying to make our interactions with everyone, co-workers, customers, and vendors…… well human. We recently added a new culture poster to our collection about The Speed of Trust. The concept that efficiencies go up and costs come down once a business relationship, based on trust, is established.

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to be able to forge a true friendship with our business contacts. It is not always possible or even practical, but when it happens, it is incredibly gratifying. It means that we have proven that we have the other’s backs. I will not take advantage of you, and you will not take advantage of me. 

But more than that, we will both do everything that we can to protect the relationship, treat each other with respect, and bend over backward to help each other. Dropping everything else to work on your problems. Hand carrying something to be sure it gets there on time. Sometimes that means we have lunch together, and sometimes even birthdays, weddings, or funerals. 

We look forward to the good times ahead and helping your organization continue to achieve its goals and objectives. As always, contact us with any questions or concerns!

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