Distributed Printing = Social Distancing

Does your label printing operation look something like this?  Except maybe with even more printers? Maybe it’s time to look at distributed printing!

Centralized label printing station

Recently, Zebra has been building a case for using mobile printers to promote social distancing in the future.  But it goes way further than just that. Mobile printers still have limitations, they will only print direct thermal labels, and the roll size is limited. Other options include mobile power carts or just printing your labels on-demand at the point and time of use.

We still see customers printing labels in batches before they are needed and then distributing the labels out to the point of use. There has always been inefficiency and waste in this process, now add to that a lack of social distancing.

We are experts in label printing and can help you navigate the many options that you have to make your operations both more efficient and safer for your employees. Let us help you master distributed printing. Contact us today!

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