Is the Need for Mobile Power Self-Evident?

In the early days of barcoding, companies needed to be convinced that the technology was a worthwhile investment. Barcodes were still new, and hardly anyone used them throughout their operations. Flash forward to today, and it is hard for many businesses to imagine functioning without barcodes.

Knowing this history and watching the proliferation of mobile power carts over the last ten years, the question is, does everyone now know that they need mobile power carts to run efficiently?  

Many of our warehouse customers and an increasing number of our manufacturing customers now rely on mobile power to more efficiently get their work done. When you look at a picker in a warehouse going from 12 to 14 miles in a day down to just a few miles per day because of the adoption of mobile power carts, the increase in productivity and the decrease in fatigue are extraordinary.

All companies are fighting to get good people and to get them to stay. Is one of the determining factors in employee retention the use of mobile power? Will people now go across the street to work for the other company for better working conditions using mobile power?

Add to this the incredible ROI that mobile power can bring; the question is, can your operations continue efficiently without using mobile power carts?

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