No Scripted Selling

Have you ever been talking to a salesperson and got the feeling that they were going down a mental checklist? That it didn’t really matter what you were saying, they were going to go through their talking points regardless of your answers? Well, welcome to “Scripted Selling”. Salespeople trained to cover certain points, in a certain order. All about them and their products, not about you and your needs.

It is not how we work here at the EMP Tech Group. A sales visit from us is more like a trip to the doctor’s office. Your doctor doesn’t start offering drugs, tests, and therapies before even understanding what is wrong with you. Instead, they spend time listening to you, and what your pains are. Before then using their deep levels of knowledge, and expertise to prescribe the best way to help you with your problems.

Doctor Listening

So, why doesn’t everyone do it this way? Because of high turnover, and lack of focus on the customer. If you are churning through sales reps at a high rate, you don’t have the time to build a knowledgeable group with years of experience. Not only in your products and services, but the customer’s businesses. Also, if your culture is not customer focused, then you gravitate towards talking about your own products and systems, not the customer’s pains and how to make them better.

Finally, since we have a wide range of products and services to offer our customers, we don’t have to try to make one product fit all needs. Instead, we can focus on the customer’s issues, and then craft a solution set, pulling from many of the industry’s best products and services.

-Dave Mattingly, President, EMP Technical Group

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