Selling the Best Product

You always get offers to resell products from manufacturers when you are in our position. As a company, we have had an iron-clad rule that we will only sell the best products in the marketplace. For the most part, choosing the best product is easy; they are the ones that our customers use the most and are the happiest with (ZebraHoneywell, etc.).

We standardized on BarTender for our label printing software many years ago after we realized that most of our customers were already using it. Sure, we run into some customers using Loftware, Label Matrix, and EasyLabel. But most use BarTender, and we have had the best success with that software. As a result, our sales and tech support people know these chosen products inside and out.

But there is a wild west out there of off-brand products. Mobile computershand scannerslabel printers, and software. When they approach us to resell their products, they almost always use the same pitch, “you will make more margin by selling our products.” Some in our industry fall for it; we see these inferior products on their websites. Usually, these are the e-Tailers who never actually come to you to see your needs. They also sell everything, so they cannot be experts in any of the products they sell.

The icing on the cake for companies like ours is this. The primary product manufacturers realized several years back that companies like EMP had the happiest customers. Also, their factory tech support reps were not spending much time trying to undo messes made because the other guys didn’t understand the product, couldn’t support it, or sold the wrong product in the first place. So, the manufacturers put deal registration programs in place to reward the companies doing the best work. This gives us extra margin on deals to compete with the e-Tailers who have no support cost and put things on the web at the lowest possible price.

So, it is a win/win/win. We sell only the best products in our industry; we support them the best and have reasonable pricing because of deal registrations. Happy customer and happy manufacturer. We are like your mother; we are happy when you are delighted. There is a difference when you work with us. Experience the difference; contact us today!

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