Software Evolution – BarTender Cloud

More Applications are Moving to the Cloud

Migration to the cloud for business software continues. ERP Software has been moving to the cloud for the past decade with half of organizations (that use an ERP) reporting that their software usage is in the cloud. WMS software is following this same trend with over half of the users reporting that they are using a cloud-based WMS. CRM software started the charge several years ago with Salesforce leading the way.

Other business software has been a bit slower to adapt, including label printing software. Recently Seagull Scientific, the maker of BarTender, announced a cloud-based version of their software called BarTender Cloud. Aimed at two markets, one being smaller companies that only print low volume labels, and the other being large companies trying to get their suppliers to print the same formats on the products that they are supplying. Even companies that are simply trying to get all of their business applications into the cloud could benefit.

BarTender Cloud

There is no label designer in the cloud, at least not yet.  Instead, BarTender Cloud has many formats for common uses already designed and available. If you need a custom format, your BarTender partner like EMP can create the formats for you, or your customer who is driving you to use BarTender Cloud will already have the formats ready for use.

EMP is a leading BarTender partner, so we are amongst the first in the country authorized to sell and support BarTender Cloud. If you have any questions or interest, fill in the form below!

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