You Need to be a Technology Company

RFID is really bringing this to the forefront. You cannot dabble in technology and do RFID project work. You must have a technical team of skilled and experienced people to do the customer justice with an RFID project.

E-commerce companies cannot do the work needed for these projects. Even some long-term AutoID VARs cannot do this type of work because they have not invested in a technical services group. And it is not just RFID. Machine vision, automated labeling, wireless networking, direct part marking, all need a high level of expertise. Expertise that is missing in many of the players in our industry.

If you are one of the major suppliers of AutoID products in our industry, like Zebra Technologies, you need technology-based partners. Companies that can take your products and put together an end-to-end solution for your customers. There are many of them out there like EMP, but never enough.

The hard part is for you, the customer, to be able to tell who is truly capable. You can start by asking questions about the technical services team that should be a part of the company you are considering. Are they in-house, or a third party. Is the VAR relying on a software company to have solutions that they add hardware to, or do they do the integration work for themselves? How many other projects like yours have they completed in the past?

Or give us a call and work with a team that is technology focused, with our own in-house tech services group. A group that is ready to help you put together solutions using the latest technology for your business needs. 

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