EMP Label Printer Starter Kit

Sometimes you just need the basics. There is a need to print labels in your operations and you just want to get the set up needed to print labels there. Nothing fancy, no network connection, no data coming from your ERP or WMS. Just enter some data and print some labels. Maybe not even data entry, just a few fixed formats and print some labels.

EMP’s Label Printer Starter Kit

We have been selling this set up to customers for years, but we finally formalized it as one finished product. Sure, there are some options, small printer with light duty, more rugged printer to print larger volumes, even a color label printer to print prime product labels. But all quoted quickly and shipped just as fast.

BarTender Pro Software, a Dell laptop, a Zebra or Epson printer, and some expertise to get it all up and running for you. We even install BarTender on the laptop for you before we ship the system to you. And we can design your labels for you and have those label formats ready to go on the laptop as well.

So, when you receive the product, you unbox, plug in and start printing labels right away. As easy as it can get and at a great price as well. 


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