Adding a New Technology Line

A few months ago, this newsletter proudly proclaimed that we were staying in our technology lane. While this headline may appear to contradict that proclamation, it actually does not. Late in 2022, the EMP Technology Group signed up as a technology partner with Celona, a leader in CBRS, or private cellular networks. This is an extension of the work we already do in mobile computing. Simply adding a more powerful radio network to the same mobile computers from Zebra that we already sell.

There are several reasons why we chose to take on this new line, and slightly new technology for our group. One is that Zebra, our leading technology partner, has been embracing this technology over the last few years. The second, and frankly the far more important reason we are starting to work with this technology, is the needs that we see in our customers.

We have customers struggling to get traditional Wi-Fi and even carrier based cellular to work for their needs. This private cellular network technology can be a game changer for these customers. But it is meaningless unless there are devices like mobile computers that will work with the technology. Zebra has really come to the table in the last 2 years with that piece of the puzzle coming into place.

To begin with, we will rely on the Celona team for assistance with our first few installations, as our in-house teams get up to speed. Then we will be in the best position to serve, where we have the expertise to deliver solutions totally in-house here at the EMP Tech Group.

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