Adding to our Technical Services Group

The first of a new year, with economic uncertainty on the horizon, seems like a bad time to add people to the payroll. But you, our wonderful customers, have forced it upon us. Our technical services business, service, and project work, and particularly staging and supporting mobile computers has grown rapidly. So, we were starting to get a little overwhelmed as a group, before we pulled the trigger on a new hire.

We have a philosophy here of hiring in from the bottom and bringing everyone else in the group up a level as we bring in new people. This hire was no exception. A new face to help with customer and vendor RMA’s. Sorting and staging parts that come in for our project work. Helping to dispatch service techs where and when they are needed. Support work like that, so the more experienced people that have been doing that work in the past can now focus more on working directly with the customer, not doing this type of behind-the-scenes work.

And with any luck after a few years, this new hire will have the experience to move up the ladder when we bring in the next new hire. Almost ½ of our group is in this tech services area. From writing applications to servicing label printers, this group is at your service. Getting the products that we sell to work in your environment and then keeping it running at its best for you.

Last year, we put together several YouTube videos showing you some of the behind the scenes for this group. Our shop and how it supports the service techs.  Panel build, and other project work being completed.  Even a couple of videos at the customer site. Check it out below!

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