Expanding Our Fulfillment Space

Every year, we add new customers. And every year, we add to the customers that are using the EMP Tech Group to hold spare hardware, and to manage the flow of devices in and out of service. This allows the customer to always have stock of media and hardware, here at the EMP Tech Group, that they can pull from as needed. 

Not just hardware that can be shipped immediately, but hardware that is pre-configured, so it is ready to go right out of the box when it arrives at the customer. New hardware that comes through our shop first for configuration. Or hardware that has been through service, then configured and held in a spares pool for shipment when needed. The service department at Zebra will wipe the device when it is repaired, so getting the applications and settings needed loaded onto the repaired device so it is out of the box ready, is what we do for the customer. 

EMP Care is our catchy name for these services and more customers are finding the value they provide.  So, we recently had to add some new racking to hold the ever-increasing number of devices that we are holding for customers. This is on top of the many pallets of labels that we were already stocking and shipping just in time for our customers. 

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