October Newsletter is a Good Stew


It happens to all of us. You have had several good meals that you prepared at home and now you have a refrigerator full of tasty leftovers. Time to stir them all together and make a good stew. This month’s newsletter is a little like that. We usually try to build the newsletter so that all the stories follow a common theme, but for October, we found ourselves with a refrigerator full of very tasty leftovers.

So this month we have; a nice customer solution tracking raw material, a featured product that involves a little-known charging port on a barcode scanner, a tech tip about calibrating mobile label printers, and a little more preaching about working with a partner who has the technical backbone to help solve your problems. Stir it all together and you get October’s newsletter. We hope it tastes good and gives you some ideas on how to make your operations run more efficiently.

As always, contact us with any questions!  Hope to hear from you soon to see how we can help with your shop floor or warehouse automation project.

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