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Completing over 300 projects per year can get a bit overwhelming at times. We pride ourselves on our 1-to-1 ratio of sales to technical services personnel. It honestly speaks to our commitment as a company to help our customers with whatever it takes to get the hardware we sell to work in the customer’s environment. At its best, the result of this is a strengthened customer who can better succeed in this increasingly competitive marketplace by utilizing the latest data collection, labeling, and machine vision technologies.

Because of the increasing demands on our team, we have had to step up our game. The days when we were a few engineers working on one or two projects at a time are long gone. Our group may have as many as 30 projects going at once, and getting the right people with the right equipment to the right place at the right time can be a challenge (see Man, Moment, Machine).

Microsoft to the Rescue?

Now that our migration to Microsoft Dynamics BC is wrapping up (see last month’s issue), we are moving our attention to additional tools to improve our project management. Microsoft Planner is where we are going, plus the addition of a dedicated project manager to keep everyone on track will start bearing fruit almost immediately.

If you have used EMP to manage and install a project in the past, it was likely a good experience for you.  Our group has always been competent; everyone here is hired for their great attitudes and work ethic.  But, at times, we were not always efficient with tracking and ensuring that man, moment, and the machine came together seamlessly.

We promise to do everything in our power to live up to the confidence you place in us. Now we will have better tools and personnel to ensure we succeed together.

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