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How We Hire New Employees

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The best thing about the EMP Tech Group is our people.  All of us here have one thing in common, a selfless desire to serve our customers.  Our job interview process focuses on weeding out candidates who might have selfish tendencies.  We need team players who will focus on serving and get along with others.  One of the ways we accomplish this is to have the candidate that we are seriously considering take a day off from their current job and spend a day with us shadowing for the new job.

This does two things, it lets our people spend an entire day with this potential new hire, determining if they are truly earnest.  But it also lets our job candidate spend a day with us observing the new role, to be sure it is a good fit for them.  The last thing that any of us wants is someone to resign from a perfectly good job, come to EMP and find out it was not what they were expecting.

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Our process is a good one and is repeatable, three rings of the search.  First, we ask internally if anyone in our current group knows of a good candidate.  It is interesting, seldom does anyone speak up immediately, but sooner or later, someone here says, you know I was talking to my friend or relative and it occurred to me that they might be a good fit.  If no one comes up internally, then we all start networking via LinkedIn or other social networking sites.  Last and definitely least, if those two methods fail, we start running ads on job sites.  But we have not had to do that for a long time, our internal search almost always turns someone up.

Another advantage to this process is that we almost already know the new employee at some level.  That means we can start trusting them right away.  This speeds up training and building rapport.  Here at the EMP Tech Group, we have fathers and sons working together.  Neighbors, friends, brothers, brothers in law, all here together.  A death in the family is probably the only down side, we lose several people for bereavement leave at the same time.

So, if you know of anyone that might be a good fit for EMP, please send them our way.  Particularly if they are the kind of person that you would like to work with.  We will treat them with respect and reward them handsomely!

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