Attending MODEX

There are two main shows in the US that focus on supply chain, one is ProMat in Chicago and the other is MODEX in Atlanta. We typically focus on the Chicago show since it is so much closer to us. But this year, we decided to have a group of us attend MODEX in Atlanta. Mainly because some of our customers were going to be there and they asked if we would come along. But secondarily, we are always keeping up with the latest in our industry and it is evolving rapidly right now.

MODEX and ProMat are definitely the two shows where our vendor partners exhibit. Zebra, Honeywell, BarTender, SOTI, Newcastle are all there.  So, we get to meet up in person with some of the partners that we call and email every day.  And we get to escort our customers to their booths for a tailored booth experience.

We have toyed with exhibiting at these shows ourselves, but it was never successful for us.  You would think that the Chicago shows would mainly have attendees from the mid-west, but that is definitely not the case.  There are people from around the world attending these shows.  And we do our best work with people in the central part of the country where we can more easily be onsite at their facilities helping them craft automation solutions.

And our vendor partners who do exhibit at these shows are eager to supply us with leads, so why buy the cow, when we can get the milk for free.  And they trim the opportunities down to the ones more in our geography for us, and pair the far away opportunities to other partners in that area.  A win/win for everyone.

So, if you have never heard of MODEX or ProMat, that is OK, because we can bring the technology showcased at these shows to you.  And help you streamline and automate your warehouse and manufacturing processes all in the comfort of your own facilities.  The EMP Tech Group is your trusted partner for these automation projects.  

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