Label Print and Apply

Automated label printing is not the most common thing that we sell, but it is one of the most rewarding. First, the product is cool, automating the mundane and costly task of printing and applying labels. The data and label placements are more accurate, and the customer is saving dollars and producing more consistent products with these projects.

Plus, it takes some expertise to spec, build, and install these products. Many times, there are fixed mount barcode scanners, database integration, and PLC controls work to be done. The EMP Tech Group is a one stop shop for all these products and integration services.

We have partnered with the best hardware supplier in the industry, CTM for the machinery part of these solutions. Like us, they are here in the Midwest, have been in business for decades, supply some of the largest customers in the country and have excellent products.

We saved the best for last. Our technical services team not only has extensive experience with this type of application, but our service group is also top notch in keeping this equipment running smoothly. Finally, our label plant is well suited to producing the media needed by these machines.

Add it all up and it is a no brainer that the EMP Tech Group should be your first and only call for your automated labeling project. We will come onsite to you, put our experience, and our label production plant to work for your labeling project.

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