Label Printer Device Management

It has been a dilemma for many years. How to best manage your label printers. Update firmware, ensure that settings are correct, see when there are issues, and most importantly, catch issues before they happen and achieve near 100% uptime from mission critical assets.

Now, full disclosure, Zebra has had a software product for many years to accomplish this, Printer Profile Manager. But there were two issues, 1) it is on premise software, and 2) it only supports Zebra printers. Many of our customers were already using SOTI MobiControl to manage their fleet of Zebra Mobile Computers, and they wanted one cloud-based tool to manage both types of Zebra devices. And possibly other printer types as well.

SOTI Connect has supported Zebra printers for about a year now, but technical challenges kept them from supporting anything but the absolute latest versions. Not many of our customers have all brand-new printers, most have a mixed fleet of older and newer printers. Now, SOTI Connect will support any Zebra printer with Link-OS operating system, which is most printers produced in the last 5 years.

Want to do the installation and configuration of SOTI Connect for yourself? No problem. Want an experienced team to help you with the initial installation, and set up? EMP Tech Group has you covered. Need someone to monitor your printers for you, to be sure they are in top working order? EMP Tech Group again. Finally need the last step of having your label printers serviced, and maintained for near 100% up time, guess who?

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