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Newcastle Labeling Carts

The folks from Newcastle Systems were in our office a few weeks back. We were discussing successful applications for their mobile power carts. Ones where the customer was really seeing benefit from purchasing the mobile carts. The same application kept coming up again and again, using the mobile power carts as a printing station to print labels at the location of the product. Not scanning multiple products, walking to a printer to retrieve multiple labels, and then walking back to the products and applying several labels at a time.

This is where the mistakes happen!

The biggest pain point in our customers operations is shipping the wrong product! So much effort is put into production quality and producing good products, the labeling process is often overlooked. The simplest way to ensure the right label gets on the right product is with a one scan, one print, one apply approach. Make your labeling operations singular. Do not allow multiple labels to be printed and then hope the operator gets the right label on the right product. Mistakes will happen and you will ship the wrong product.

Add to this the incredible reduction in worker fatigue from reducing the walking. The increase in productivity and the increase in worker retention make this a no-brainer!

Side note, moving forward, we are no longer calling these mobile power carts, they are labeling carts.  Since that is what most of our customers use the mobile power carts for, we should conform our language. We have noticed when we use the term mobile power in our newsletter, few people click on the article. So, let’s try labeling carts and see if we do any better!

We have demo carts available and lots of experience helping customers make this transition.  With lithium power prices coming down along with the weight of the carts, there has never been a better time to upgrade your labeling process!

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