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Robotics in the Warehouse

If you know the EMP Tech Group, you know that we are a big Zebra partner.  Zebra makes up most of the hardware products that we sell.  Lately, Zebra has pushed into some new product offerings including tablet computers, fixed scanners, machine vision, all things that EMP was already selling to our customers.  But recently Zebra announced the acquisition of Fetch Robotics.  This is a product offering that EMP has considered in the past but has not taken on.

Steve Jobs once said that he was most proud of the thousands of things that Apple said NO to.  Implying that it is more important to stay focused on your core offerings and to do them very well.  Rather than trying to do too many things and not doing any of them particularly well.  That is the philosophy that we have had here at the EMP Tech Group.  Focus on barcode scanning, label printing, RFID, and machine vision.  And say NO to other products that would distract us from our core competencies.

But we must balance that desire to stay excellent in the products and services that we provide with customer’s needs.  And automation in the warehouse and on the shop floor is what customers are crying for.  Labor is expensive and now hard to come by, so automation is mandatory.

It won’t be overnight, but as Zebra opens up the Fetch product line to the resellers like EMP, who have the technical abilities to sell and integrate warehouse robotics, we will be the first in line.

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