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Tablet Computers

It has been a while since we have featured Tablet Computers in our Newsletter.  But since this month is covering mobile computing in the field, outside of the four walls, tablets come to mind.  Quick background, rugged mobile computing is a big part of what we do.  Mobile computers with barcode scanners integrated in is really the sweet spot of our product offering.  A few years ago, Zebra started focusing on rugged Tablets, first with their own products, the ET-5X tablets, then with the acquisition of Xplore Tablets, Zebra is firmly in the rugged tablet game.

That left Honeywell a bit on the sidelines.  Handheld mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners to compete with Zebra, but no tablets.  That has now been addressed with the introduction of the RT10 from Honeywell.  A 10” rugged tablet with build in bar code scanner running either Android or Full Windows.

One of the problems that we have at the EMP Tech Group is keeping enough demo equipment for all these options.  From Zebra, an 8” Windows, 8” Android, with or with cellular connections.  Same four set up options in the 10” versions from Zebra.  Also, the L-10 super rugged (former Xplore tablet) from Zebra.  Now the two Honeywell options.  But that is our burden to bear, we have about a dozen tablets in our demo pool now and will add or borrow as needed for customer applications.  Below are a few that I found in our demo stock and with our technical services team, ready to go to work for one of our customers!

Whether your tablet needs are inside the four walls or outside, we have you covered.  Contact the EMP Tech Group today and we will get pricing and demo gear for your application.

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