Active Sync is Mostly Gone Now

There are probably a good number of people who have never heard of Active Sync. But if you were managing mobile computers in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, you were probably using this application almost every day. 

First released in 1996, this software tool from Microsoft was the way to keep files on your Window CE or Windows Mobile device sync’d with your desktop computer. It was also used to load applications and updates onto these mobile computers. This is in a time when Wi-Fi was in its infancy, so using a mobile device to do your work during the day and then syncing it with your computer to download the work that you did that day, was common. 

And, if you are trying to keep a fleet of Windows Mobile or Window CE devices alive, you may still be using Active Sync to do application refreshes. Not OS or security updates, because those are long gone. 

We bring this up and are categorizing it as a tech tip since we still see customers who have not migrated to Android, and they have relied on Active Sync as a tool to keep those older devices functioning. But our tech services group is telling us that Active Sync is no longer functioning, making it almost impossible to update or support legacy Windows Mobile or Windows CE devices. 

So, if you have not taken the Android plunge, the EMP Tech Group is the place to go. We can help you migrate your applications and show you the incredible things that you can do to improve your operations with the latest devices and software tools. You will be amazed!

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