Labels are Always Width by Length

We are OK if you call them stickers. We have gotten used to it. But we all need to be on the same page in terms of label dimensions. We see it all the time, and it can be a big problem when you receive your labels, and they are not what you were expecting. Label measurements are always given width first, length second.

And we are very nice as salespeople, trained that the customer is always right, and hesitant to correct you. But we are not helping anyone unless we get the standard dimensions in our industry straight. Labels seem like such simple things, you print on them, peel them off, and place them on the product.

But label material, adhesive type, liner material, core size, roll OD, perforations, sense marks, colors, coatings, all come into play in making sure that we are providing the correct labels for your application.

So, forgive us if we question your dimensions and ask way too many questions about the labels and your application. We just know from experience all the ways that labels can go wrong. Contact us today to see how we can help. 

Check out this video we shot with our sister company Enterprise Marking Products (EMP), to get a closer look into that technical aspects of making a label, and what to think about when purchasing.

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