Parsing Barcode Data

A barcode is a barcode, right? Even in the early days of barcoding, this was not true. We would have customers send us a barcode that could not be scanned, and we would discover there were no ” * ” in the beginning and end of their Code 3 of 9 barcodes. We would also run across labels rejected by their automotive customer because there was no (P) in front of the part number barcode. Proper creation, verification, and parsing of barcode data are essential to your operations.

Parsing Barcode Data - Barcode with lots of data

But wait, it has gotten worse. My barcode says this (01)09501101530003(17)140704(10)AB-123; what does all that mean? How do I scan that one barcode and push that data into three fields on my computer screen? How do I scan three separate barcodes on my product with one scan and get the data into one field in my application? What if you scan all that data but only need the second part of the three data strings?

Parsing barcode data sample barcode

This can be done in the scanner, it can be done in the software, it can be done in the barcode, or it can be done in all three. Let us show you how! We are the barcode experts, the scanner experts, and the label software experts. Save yourself a big learning curve and contact us today; we have the answers!

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