Using BarTender to Send Emails

Our technical services group can really help you wring all that you can out of BarTender. So many customers just use the software to print labels, many times the hard way. Our group knows BarTender inside and out and we can help you get the most out of your purchase. 

Many times, we will be meeting with a customer who has been using BarTender for years and we mention integrating BarTender into their enterprise software using Integration Builder. With this integration, the labels can be automatically printed exactly at the time of need. When the transaction is being processed in the business software itself. You never actually see or use BarTender, it is just running in the background, waiting for a file to drop from your ERP or WMS and then prints the labels.  MAGIC if you have been manually entering data and printing labels as a secondary process. 

Another case in point is using BarTender to automatically send emails. You also do this using Integration Builder and you need an Automation or Enterprise License to do this, but it can be super powerful. One of our customers started using BarTender to print bills of lading when they ship product. They print a copy for the driver when the shipment is picked up, but using Integration Builder, they can also email a PDF of the BOL to the end customer at the time of printing. All done automatically, saving the time and effort of composing an email manually. 

Screen Shot from BarTender Software

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