When to Use BarTender Print Station

Our favorite Tech Tips are the ones that we feel are the most beneficial to our customers. When our Tech Services Group comes to us stating that they are seeing customers make the same mistake over and over, we feel the need to try to get the word out. This time the subject is using BarTender Print Station instead of running the full version of BarTender on the computer where the actual label printing is taking place.

You may already know that when you purchase BarTender, you’re purchasing a full-feature version that allows you to design new labels and a stripped-down version that lets you only print labels. The mistake that we see, is customers installing the full design version at the site where the labels are printed. Usually, the user at the print station should not have the ability to modify the label template. Sometimes this ability in the wrong hands can have really bad consequences.

Not only can you limit the ability to modify the format, but you can also limit the formats that can be printed from that print station. This secures the formats and eliminates the possibility that the wrong format is chosen to be printed.

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