Wearable Computers 

Wearable computers keep getting better. These products have been around for many years, but their tiny screen size was a limiting factor. The “wearable” element can be troubling as well, especially during the COVID years, but those concerns are starting to fade as well. 

The latest generation from Zebra, the WT6400 has a 4.7” display and is super rugged. Trimmed out in the green that now indicates super rugged devices from Zebra, this one might be right for your application. If putting down and picking up a conventional mobile computer is troubling for your application, then a wearable might be right for you. 

We at EMP have been more likely to sell ring scanners to our customers, now there is a new form factor from Zebra for this product in the RS2100 wearable scanner. A back of hand scanner that might be a little more comfortable to wear all day long than the traditional ring scanner and will give more flexibility for picking up products. 

As always, we take a down to earth approach to helping our customers including talking about hygiene and wearable computers. You will want individual wrist and hand mounts for your operators and a good wipe down process for the devices themselves between use that we can help with. 

There is also an evaluation of your business software and if the smaller screen size will work for your application. We have even done projects where we rewrote a front end application specifically for the smaller device to get it to work in the customers operations. 

One thing is for sure, if you are considering alternate mobile computing devices, we are probably the best source to help you navigate the change and get new, more efficient technology to work for you. 

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