Zebra Device Tracker

Never Lose a Zebra Device Again

We have been watching this product from Zebra for some time now. Searching for a product that will always know the exact location and status of all your mobile computers. Notifications if a device goes missing or doesn’t check-in for a period of time. Well, we are finally there!

Zebra Device Tracker

When we go to refresh a customer’s hardware after 5 years of so of operating their mobile computers in their operations, the customer is frequently astonished by how many devices have gone missing over those 5 years.  10%, 20%, even 30% missing is not uncommon. 

Some of our customers joke when someone else’s mobile computer was shipped to them on accident.  Either loose in the truck, or nicely packed in one of the boxes. Since we have been in this industry for a long time, we frequently notice a very expensive mobile computer left on a shelf or in a rack of clothes while out shopping.

So, what if there was a tool that would help track these devices for you? Notify you if one has not checked in for a while.  Let you know where it was last seen. Make it beep so you can find it easily. It still won’t give you real-time telemetry on the device both inside and outside of your facility, but this software tool from Zebra has become very powerful over the years and is also very affordable. Especially when you compare it to the cost of losing 20% or 30% of your devices over time.

Zebra Device Tracker

So, if this software that will allow you to better track your mobile computers from Zebra is of interest to you, contact us today for more information.

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