Peter Terry


There are RFID Scanners that allow you to do a quick sweep of labeled products. And then there are portals, designed for inventory to pass between multiple RFID Antennas to account for every RFID labeled product. Take a glance at our latest RFID Portal Design inside!

Label Printer Stands

This is one of our favorite EMP products. Simple, yet effective and highly efficient. This product allows you to maintain your Zebra Label Printers in tight spaces. Check out the perks, styles, and benefits of EMP Label Printer Stands!

Wearable Computers 

Originally, wearable computers were great in concept, but just didn't quite hit the mark when brought into real life scenarios. Well, that was then, and this is now. We're not usually one to push the latest and the greatest, but man, these wearable computers have gotten better and better.

BarTender Cloud

We chose BarTender as our go to label printing software package to sell for the same reason that we choose all of the products that we sell. It's the best in the industry. Seagull Scientific's "BarTender Cloud" is no different. Discover the features only available on BarTender Cloud!

EMP Label Printer Starter Kit

We were finding a lot of new Label Printer customers needing labeling software to help them design their labels. And sometimes these customers are small businesses just starting out. Well, seeing this, we figured we'd start making it easier on the customers who just need to plug in and get going. See the benefits and what's all included in our Label Printer Starter Kit!

Zebra MC9400

It's finally here: The Zebra Technologies MC9400. The previous update of this series was more physically noticeable that's for sure. The biggest changes THIS time around are under the hood. Find out what new features the "Brick on a Stick" has this time!

Label Print and Apply

We like a theme in our newsletters. Sometimes it's the entire newsletter, sometimes it's a few articles. Here we're going to dive into the innerworkings of Label Print and Apply, how it works, and when it's best to use as a solution. Scope it out by reading the full article!


Labels. It's easy to forget about labels especially for some customers as their initial focus is buying hardware that would consume such labels. But labels are how our company started and what many of our products revolve around, even to this day. And they have come a long way since our first year in business back in the early 2000's. We dive into the variations of labels, their capabilities, and what goes into choosing the right ones for your particular business.

Zebra ET6X Rugged Tablet 

Our "Tech Tip" for this newsletter features reasons for switching to a tablet on a forklift. Valid, tested, and proven reasons. But here, we're going to elaborate on how we finally crossed this threshold. Like any technological , it's hard to think back on how things used to operate when we're so engulfed in the current technology. Like, are you even old enough to remember the last time you used a rotary phone?

ZT600 Series of Label Printers 

Since Zebra no longer carries support for the Xi4, you'll be happy to know all is not lost. We'll still have some parts for the time being, but it's probably best to start thinking about upgrading. You can trade in your current Xi4 Printer using the GO Zebra Program and upgrade to the Zebra ZT600. Similar to that of the Xi4, but bigger, faster, and still as durable. Read on to find out more!

MCL Technologies

Yes, you're reading that correctly. We're featuring MCL Technologies TWICE because we can't stress enough how much we utilize this tool. Because sometimes you need an application to happen quickly and be cost effective. Watch the video to see how we design these apps!

Label Printer Device Management

After using it ourselves, we're finally ready to start introducing SOTI Connect. A mobile device management software for printers. You can manage and maintain your printers from the comforts of your computer. Check out the video inside.