Peter Terry

Zebra RFD90 Ultra-Rugged RFID Reader

Just like any other technology, RFID has evolved. Now there are more options for readers, tags, and accessories to make your inventory tracking as seamless as possible. Sleds with different interchangeable devices, rugged devices, commercial devices, multi-device charging ports, and the list goes on. We highlight the newest and greatest with options for every type of environment. Take a look at some of the latest RFID hardware and software capabilities EMP has to offer.

Bartender Print Portal

In this month’s newsletter, we talk about printing labels directly, and automatically from your ERP software using BarTender. But there is another use case for BarTender, and that is printing labels from virtually any device, and any location using BarTender Print Portal.

Affordable Rugged Tablets: ET40 & ET45

We sell the Zebra MC9300 over the MC3300 when we can, because the customers are always so happy with the larger, more rugged device. They quickly forget the few extra dollars that they spent, because the more rugged devices work so well for them, for so long. So, when Zebra recently introduced a lower price, yet still rugged tablet, the ET40 and ET45, we were initially skeptical but that didn't last. Check out these new affordable tablets!

Private Cellular Networks

Sometimes traditional wireless networks just won’t get the job done. Because your work is outdoors, or your facilities are vast, with lots of noise producing equipment. Many of our customers have tried turning to carrier-based, cellular networks to solve these problems. But they are not always the best answer.

Wireless Networking

Products, workers, and their mobile computers move quickly in today's fast-paced warehouse environment. But is your wireless network keeping up? If your wireless network isn't designed and configured properly, it might be slowing you down. That's where we come in. Click to read more!