As we continued our journey of doing project work, helping customers with their RFID requirements, the time came to up our game on what our RFID portals look like. In the past we have used our trusty aluminum erector set made by 80/20, along with some metal screening to contain and direct the RFID signals. But we felt that we could do better, making things look more professional by creating our own purpose-built RFID portal.

And, since we are already heavily involved with a metal fabricator who produces all of our printer stands, we worked with them to create our own RFID portal design. There are still some 80/20 pieces inside of the portal to hold the reader and antennas, but the bulk of the portal is purpose built and solid steel. Powder coat it with some safety yellow paint and we are off to the races.

The new EMP RFID portal can be custom configured for each application. It can also be installed in pairs to read from two sides. Add on options include a photo eye to ensure that the readers are only activated when needed, and a stack light for status indication.

So, if you want to engage with an expert in RFID to see how this technology can improve your operations, we can help.   

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