BarTender Cloud

We have standardized on BarTender for almost 20 years now. We chose BarTender as our go to label printing software package to sell for the same reason that we chose all of the products that we sell, it is the best in the industry. And it is the product that we see most of our customers using with or without our help.

But the cloud evolution is catching up to BarTender. Last year Seagull Scientific, the makers of BarTender introduced a Cloud version of their software. A bit of a hasty product offering to begin with. But in the past year, it has started to mature into a great product.

There were some key features missing in that initial product, number one a cloud label designer. The initial product had some common templates that you could use for your labels, but what you really needed was a full featured designer. The second thing missing was good API’s for getting label data from many sources. The only initial data source was a cloud based spreadsheet. Now, there is a robust integration feature for getting data for label printing.

Now, let’s talk about where the EMP Tech Group really shines, integrating label printing into your business applications.

Making it so the only time that you see BarTender is when you do the initial set up and label format creation. From then on, you do your work in your business software, and the labels come out of your printer exactly when you need them, all because you processed a transaction in your software that required the labels. No more going to a second screen, inputting data and manually printing your labels.  They just happen when you need them, magic!

And the grand finale, print your labels from anywhere, anytime. With your formats and data all securely hosted in the cloud. No more having a PC die only to find out that your label formats were not getting backed up but were all on the now dead PC that you are looking at. Also, no need to worry about support or updates, they all happen automatically with your cloud subscription.

We are keeping up with all of these latest developments so we can help you get your label printing operations off of vulnerable, on premise servers or even desktops and into the cloud. 

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