Adding Data Collection to a Bag Sealer


Inspect label on each product package to ensure the correct product is delivered.


Cognex IS7802 Vision system, mounting structure, 23.8” Touchscreen Monitor, and standard PC & hand scanner.


A medical device manufacturer was looking to verify that each label placed on a device’s package was the correct label, according to the work order. Each label contains both a barcode and lot number. Scanning the barcode alone would have been a simple process, but the customer wanted to scan the barcode and read the lot number to ensure they both matched the work order. Because of this, they contacted the engineers at EMP to help tackle the project.

The team at EMP designed a solution using Cognex’s InSight 7802, 5MP camera. This would allow them to read the barcode and complete the character recognition in one device. The EMP team also created a custom mount so the camera can mount directly to the sealer.

Before a bag is inspected and sealed, the work order must be entered. Each work order contains a 1D barcode. In order to enter the work order, EMP utilized the customer’s hand held barcode scanner to scan in the information from the work order. This information is used to match the information read from the product label using the Cognex camera.

The customer also wanted to be able to track who was operating the machine. EMP accomplished this by integrating a touch screen monitor that requires the operator to type in or scan their badge number. The HMI, along with a stack light, is used as a visual display for when when the label information does not match the work order. When there is a no-match, the package is released from the machine to ensure that it is not completed and sent to the customer.

EMP was able to integrate this solution into the current bag sealer set-up. It was a seamless upgrade that now allows the customer to verify each work order contains the correct products.

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