Color Labels for Manufacturing

VIP Color VP650 color label printer

Provide a color label solution that will withstand a harsh environment.


VIP Color VP650 color label printer with specific label material.


A global leader in the animal health industry was having issues with the color label on one of their products. The labels were being applied at their supplier’s location, and when the labels arrived at their facility there were frequent issues with the labels adhering as well as degradation of the label itself. The color labels were being printed on an old, dual print head printer and were struggling to withstand the harsh environments that they were exposed to (water, dust, etc…). It was time for the color label solution to be reevaluated.

The animal health company reached out to their longtime partner, EMP Technical Group, who began testing immediately. EMP is familiar with these environments, so they immediately went to the VP650 color printer from VIP because of its water-resistant ink. The next step was to find the best label media to work in combination with this printer. EMP worked with the current label supplier to find an excellent solution that would withstand the liquids and other debris.

The VIP color printer not only helped provide a more stable color label for the harsh environment, but it also decreased label material cost. The previous printer needed a “sense mark” on the labels in order to differentiate the beginning and end of each label. This required the supplier to add an additional ~.5” of liner so they could add the mark. The new VP650 uses a “gap” sensor that eliminates the need for the mark and therefore the extra liner. With the new printer, the color label quality has drastically improved and material costs have gone down. VIP also provided a complete rundown of the ink cost for the next several years so there were no hidden surprises when it comes to maintenance/future costs.

The new VP650 color label printer improved the quality of the labels, decreased liner costs, and provided a predictable maintenance schedule. Are you looking to improve your color label solution? Contact EMP Today!

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