EMP Products Are Hot Items

The formula is a simple one. Find a customer’s need, customize a product to fit that need, then use that solution again, when you find another customer with the same need. Wash, rinse, repeat. That is how most of our EMP Products came to be. And happily, as we have continued trying to help customers solve business problems, we have found ongoing uses for these solutions.

Printer Stands and Printer Slides

One of the more successful examples of this has been our label printer stands. It all started as a printer slide. A simple, low height slide that you could put your label printer on and simply slide it out when you need to change media. Especially useful in a tight area like a shipping station.

EMP Printer Slides

Then we found that customers wanted this same printer slide in the form of a stand that would hold 2 or 3 printers. Now we have a dozen or so variations of the printer stand that we produce.

EMP Printer Stands

Scan and Print

Another great EMP Product is Scan and Print. This solution has also taken on many forms over the years. But the simplest is a label printer that has been custom programmed by EMP to take input from a barcode scanner and recreate the data that was scanned onto a new label.

EMP Scan and Print

This was really interesting during the pandemic when companies were forced to start up production lines in temporary areas to meet pandemic demand. Printing labels needed for production lines without the normal infrastructure being present required a stand-alone printing solution. Another of our customers has a blood analysis product that requires duplicate labels to be printed for the different specimens being tested. Scan and Print to the rescue.

Match Code

One of the oldest EMP Product is our line of Match Code products. Fixed mount scanners for conveyor lines, mobile computers with, or without a mobile printer, even the Scan and Print product can be used to match barcodes. Some of our latest work has been with matching barcodes to RFID tags to ensure compliance.

So, if you have a need for bar code scanning, label printing, or RFID, come to the place with the most creative solutions for your application. The EMP Tech Group is your trusted partner for these products and services.  

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