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Specialty Printers – For Challenging Label Printing Applications

2-Color Thermal Transfer Printer, High-Speed Inkjet Printer, Small Label Printer, and Duplex Labeling System

Cognex MX1000 - Turn consumer devices into rugged industrial-grade scanners

Consumer vs. Rugged Mobile Devices

It has been an interesting past 9 years, to say the least. On June 29, 2007, Apple released the first iPhone. Sure there were smartphones before then, but that date was a defining moment in the history of the smartphone that we now all carry and rely o …

Vector illustration of Zebra tablet mounted to forklift

Can Tablets on Fork Lifts Really Hold Up?

Historically, we have only sold very rugged terminals for use on forklifts. The amount of punishment that a forklift puts out is extreme. With hard rubber tires and no suspension, forklifts were built to lift and carry heavy loads, not to coddle its oc …

Internet of Things - Connecting machines, devices, and services.

The Internet of Things

One of the latest buzz words floating around is, “The Internet of Things”. Like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Cloud Computing, The Internet of Things is revolutionary and will shape the way we live and do business. The idea for the Internet of Thing …

Zebra QLn420 mounted to forklift

Label Printing from Forklift Trucks

QLn420 on Mobile Mount Do your warehouse operations require your lift truck drivers to handle labels? If so, we have a major improvement for both efficiency and accuracy in your operations. We have sold and installed mobile printers on lift trucks for …

test tubes in tray with 2D barcodes

Test Tube Remapping – Vision Solution

One of the strengths of the EMP Tech Group is our ability to do custom vision systems.  Over the years, we have helped several of our customers with parts inspection needs using Cognex’s Vision Pro software and Insight cameras.  Recently one of our goo …

Duplex printer that prints shipping label on one side and pack slip on the other side. Excellent way to improve efficiency and boost marketing efforts.

Duplex Printer from Engineering Innovation

Imagine your customer receiving your product with what first appears to be only a shipping label. But tear the perforated tab and peel the heart of the label away to reveal the packing list and a coupon for their next purchase. That is the power of this product, not only the labor savings of application, but the marketing power of the promotion.

Power Print station with laptop, barcode printer, pack slip printer, and battery pack.

Mobile Power Systems | Take your desk with you!

One of the fastest growing segments of our business has been mobile power systems. Mobile computers and printers have always been a mainstay of our business, but sometimes you need the ability to move your work station to the product.

Mobile Print Station with Stack Light

Challenge:  Creating a solution for replacing pre-printed labels with a mobile station capable of printing labels from a wide variety of sizes and formats on-demand. Solution:  EMP Tech Group Custom User-Interface (UI) integrating BarTender with produc …

Mobile Barcode Matching Solution

Mobile Barcode Match Improves Product Picking Accuracy Challenge: Ensuring accuracy of products being picked for final packaging of a multi-item medical device kit. Solution: Custom MCL-based Software Application combined with a cordless bar code scann …

Mobile House Arrest Tracking Solution Suite

Challenge:  Accurately tracking and recording data in community-based house     arrest programs can be a painstaking, manual job.  Many Indiana counties still record this information using multiple paper forms.  The process is labor intensive and has t …

Mobile POS Solution for Workers on the Go

Mobile POS Solution Challenge: In today’s fast-paced, wired marketplace, mobile point-of-sale (POS) applications are critical for creating efficiencies within an organization. This is especially true in situations that involve time critical, mobile wor …

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