Customer Solutions

Custom Web Browser Application

A local cable company needed a more efficient system for its parts replenishment process. The software team at EMP wrote a custom web browser application that helps them better manage their parts inventory and the replenishment process.

RFID Printer with Robotics

A machine-building client required an RFID printer that could be integrated with a PLC and a robot. The engineers at EMP used Zebra's Network Connect to allow a ZT411 RFID printer to communicate seamlessly with the robot and PLC.

Laser Marking System for DateTime Stamp

A plastic injection molding company wanted the ability to add a DateTime stamp to their parts on demand. Our team helped them integrate a laser marking system to do just that. Click to see the solution!

Custom Pick to Light Cart

A healthcare company wanted to improve its picking process with a mobile cart. They partnered with the engineers at EMP Technical Group to design a mobile pick to light cart.

Label Printing Kiosk for Shop Floor

A customer was looking for a replacement for their outdated PC, which they were using to run label software on their shop floor. Click to See the Solution!

Fixed Mount Barcode Reader for Core Sample Application

An agricultural startup was looking for a way to automatically collect data about core samples at the time of collection. The engineers at EMP recommended a fixed mount barcode reader that was a perfect fit for their application. Click to See the Solution!

Alternative Technology for the Amish

A produce distributor needed an alternative solution to send a voice pick code to a label printer while being sensitive to the needs of the Amish not to use technology. Click to See the Solution!

Reducing Scrap Wood with Laser Measurement

A pallet manufacturer was looking for ways to reduce scrap material in their production process. EMP helped them solve their problem with a laser measurement system that has greatly reduced the amount of material that must be scrapped. Click to See the Solution!

Custom Machine Vision Light

EMP Tech Group engineered a custom light to help a machine vision system more consistently read a Data Matrix barcode.

Voting Machine Ballot Verification

A local voting machine manufacturer wanted help to improve their data mining process, so they reached out to the engineers at EMP Tech Group. Click to continue reading!