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Labels for Auto Auctions

In the old days, 10 to 15 years ago, there were no labels for auto auctions that could be readily purchased. Auctions just had to deal with the fact that direct thermal labels were going to darken and then fade in the summertime.  If you wanted to use mobile printers, you were going to have […]

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Laser Marking System for DateTime Stamp

Challenge: Design an automated time and date laser marking system for a plastic injection molded product. Solution: Matthews e-SolarMark 30-watt Co2 laser, custom fixture, Cognex InSight 2000, and custom lighting. Story: A large injection molding house needed to improve their time and date stamping process on one of their plastic container/lid products. The time and […]

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Matthews Marking Systems e-SolarMark CO2 laser marking

Laser Marking Systems

There are two main types of laser marking systems for product identification, Fiber and Co2.  Fiber is primarily used to mark metal and Co2 for paper, plastic, and glass.  Not so straight forward is whose laser marking system to use.  There are so many in the market and finding one manufacturer that produces their own […]

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Direct Thermal Label Printing

Data label printing in industry is usually done with direct thermal or thermal transfer technology.  Thermal transfer uses a wax or resin ribbon to transfer the image with heat from the ribbon onto the label.  Direct thermal has a coating on the label that darkens with heat from the label printers print head. Direct thermal […]

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Label Software Still on Premise? The Case for Cloud Label Software

Cloud computing has been on the rise for several years now. WMS software has been cloud capable for several years. ERP trends have been moving towards the cloud for the past 5 years as well. Even at the EMP Tech Group, we have moved our ERP and most of our other business computing to the cloud. The global […]

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PX940 Calibration

Barcode Verification on your Label Printer

One of the videos on our YouTube channel is about calibrating the barcode verifier in your Honeywell PX940V label printer.  We wanted to remind you that video is available for you, but also to remind you about this fantastic product that Honeywell came out with last year. Many of our customers have barcode compliance issues […]

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Custom Pick to Light Cart

Challenge: Create a custom Pick to Light cart that addressesall the customer’s needs. Solution: A custom shelving unit with waterfall shelves, Epson color printer, printer slide, Zebra DS9908, pull-out shelf, and Lithium batteries. Story: A healthcare company needed to improve their current warehouse picking solution. There wasn’t an off-the-shelf product that would solve their problem […]

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Warehouse Automation Project Guide_Page_1

Warehouse Automation Project Guide

We continue to be amazed at how many facilities have little to no warehouse automation. Some are running totally on paper or have very outdated data collection technology. Who calls us in on these projects varies wildly, could be the software vendor, one of our hardware vendors or the customer finds us themselves. Automating these […]

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Wireless Networking In The Warehouse_Page_1

Wireless Networking in the Warehouse

It seems straight forward. You have a corporate wide strategy for wireless networking and the products from the vendor that you have selected seem to be working well in your office environments. So why would you choose a different vendor for the wireless in you warehouse? Fun trivia question, how fast does a fork lift […]

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Which Printer is Right for You?

There are several difficult decisions that we see our customers facing frequently. One of the most common is the type of label printer to choose. A small clamshell printer, a mid-sized mid-range printer, or a full-sized high volume printer. The small clamshell printer such as the Zebra G series is a very popular, low-cost option. […]

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Beckman Coulter

Label Printing Kiosk for Shop Floor

Challenge: Design a new label printing kiosk solution for the customer’s out-of-date PC and label software. Solution: A label printing kiosk consisting of a Zebra CC6000 integrated with MCL code. Story: A customer recently approached EMP with the need to upgrade their labeling system. They had a desktop PC running a very old label software […]

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EMP Tech Group - Labeling Project Guide - Thumbnail

Labeling Project Guide

OK, so you need to come up with a new label. Sounds simple enough right, just a “sticker”. But, it can quickly get complicated. Below are some topics to consider when you are designing and implementing a new label. As always we here at EMP are available as your trusted advisor. We live in this […]

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