Private Cellular Networks

Sometimes traditional wireless networks just won’t get the job done. Because your work is outdoors, or your facilities are vast, with lots of noise producing equipment. Many of our customers have tried turning to carrier-based, cellular networks to solve these problems. But they are not always the best answer.

Wireless Networking

Products, workers, and their mobile computers move quickly in today's fast-paced warehouse environment. But is your wireless network keeping up? If your wireless network isn't designed and configured properly, it might be slowing you down. That's where we come in. Click to read more!

Scan and Print is Better Than Ever

Check out the latest upgrade to our Scan & Print solution!

DS2278 Cordless and Cradleless Barcode Scanner

This lower-end scanner has a trick up its sleeve, a micro-USB connector at the base of the scanner by the battery, that you can use to charge this scanner without needing a cradle.

Barcode Verification

This month’s featured product is a whole class of products, centered around barcode verification.  From handheld to fixed mount barcode verifiers, to label printers that verify barcodes as they print, EMP has you covered with the products and the expertise.

Zebra Handheld RFID Reader

One of the many challenges of RFID applications is that you cannot just pick up a scanner and scan the RFID tag. Or can you? 

Color Label Printers, We Have Options!

We have options when it comes to color printing. We offer two lines of color printers, Epson and VIP Color, to choose the right hardware from.

Zebra Device Tracker

We have been watching this product from Zebra for some time now. Searching for a product that will always know the exact location and status of all your mobile computers. Notifications if a device goes missing or doesn’t check-in for a period of time. Well, we are finally there!

Machine Vision with AI Baked In

The need for AI in machine vision applications continues to increase. Cognex recently an InSight Camera with AI integrated.

WS50 Wearable Ring Terminal

The new WS50 Wearable Ring Terminal from Zebra is a wearable ring scanner and wearable terminal in one. Contact us today to learn more!

Custom Controls

Custom controls are a central part of many EMP Tech Group project builds. Continue reading to learn more!

Rugged Tablets – New Products, Better Delivery

The latest rugged tablets from Zebra are the real deal! We have finally reached a tipping point where rugged tablets can be considered instead of a laptop. Click to read more!