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Project Management from EMP

Completing over 300 projects per year can get a bit overwhelming at times.  We pride ourselves on our 1 to 1 ratio of sales to technical services personnel.  It truly does speak to our commitment as a company to help our customers with whatever it takes to get the hardware that we sell, to work […]

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Link OS

Your Zebra Label Printer has an OS too!

Printers have come a long way in the past few years. No longer are they the scarecrow of the industry, wishing they had a brain like so many other devices.

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Mobile Computer Washing

How to Properly Clean Your Mobile Computer

The Dirt on Dirt: Best Practices for Cleaning Mobile Computers Mobile computers are designed and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them the right tools for jobs in less forgiving physical environments. Unfortunately, due to these rugged environments, the risk of damage due to environmental contamination may also be increased. One may think of […]

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Wood Plank Laser Measurement

Challenge: Minimize waste and downtime from imperfectly cut logs. Solution: Laser measurement sensor, PLC, presence/absence sensor, tower light. Story: You could argue that anything manufactured has the potential for defects. This seems obvious on high-speed production lines creating custom components for the automotive, aerospace, or medical fields. But what about non-traditional manufacturing environments? Well, they […]

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Running the ERP Migration Gauntlet

We made it!  We have successfully transitioned from our old, on-premise ERP and onto Microsoft’s latest, cloud-based ERP, Dynamics Business Central.  If you are a current customer of ours, you may have noticed a new look to our documentation and a new series of numbers on our quotes and invoices.  It took 2 years from […]

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Newcastle NB

Is the Need for Mobile Power Now Self Evident?

In the early days of barcoding, companies needed to be convinced that the technology was a worthwhile investment. Barcodes were still new and hardly anyone was using them yet throughout their operations. Flash forward to today and it is hard for many businesses to imagine functioning without barcodes. Knowing this history and watching the proliferation of mobile […]

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How to Get RxLogger Log Files for Zebra Android Devices

If your Zebra Android device is having connection issues with your server, you will need to download the log files so that your issue can be analyzed. The document below will walk you through the step-by-step process of obtaining these log files: RxLogger Files first and Fusion Files second. RxLogger Files 1. Open RxLogger from […]

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Cummins Light 1

Custom Machine Vision Light

Challenge: Engineer a solution to eliminate the downtime from a hotspot on 2D Datamatrix code. Solution: EMP custom-engineered dome light. Story: A diesel engine manufacturer was having trouble with a barcode scanning application on one of their fuel injection nozzles. The 2D Datamatrix code is printed onto the round, shiny surface of the nozzle. The […]

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Is Your Software Vendor Giving You a Headache? You’re Not Alone…

At the EMP Tech Group, our primary job is to get the hardware that we provide to work in your environment.  That almost always means we will need to interface with the software that you use to run your business.  It could be your WMS (Warehouse Management System), your MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or your […]

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Label ReWinder

Voting Machine Ballot Verification

Challenge: Automate the data mining process on a voting machine’s results. Solution: TwinCat label rewinder, Cognex DM70, registration sensor. Story: EMP was brought into a local voting machine manufacturer to help improve their data mining process. Individual results need to be stored and easily accessed, so – as they’re cast – votes are printed onto […]

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Forklifts – Vehicle Mounted Mobile Computers vs Rugged Tablets

When it comes to enabling mobility in material handling vehicles in warehouses, ports, yards and more, you can choose from two different types of products — purpose-built vehicle-mounted mobile computers or rugged tablets in a vehicle mount. With three different product families in each of these categories, and multiple models within some of those categories, […]

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OVS Dashboard

When is Mobile Device Management Needed?

Mobile computing in your warehouse or on your shop floor has gotten more complicated in the last few years.  With Android now being the dominant OS, the need to update the OS and subsequently the applications more often are a certainty.  Fortunately, the tools to manage the devices have gotten much better as well.  But […]

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