EMP News

New HVAC in Shop and Warehouse

As our business continues to grow so do the number of projects that require time and space in our shop and warehouse. This meant it was time for a big upgrade to our HVAC system!

Still Waiting on Service Vans

We have two new vans on order and we are still awaiting their arrival. Read the article below to find out more!

Supply Chain Shortages

Almost 30% of our annual sales are on backlog right now. So, what can we do here at EMP to help? Sometimes very little, but sometimes we can do a lot. Click on the article below to find out more!

New Hires in the Technical Services Group

We are expanding our technical services team to better serve our customers. Click below to learn more!

Face-To-Face Meetings with Great Feedback

Back to in-person meetings and an overall more effective way for us to help solve your business challenges. Click to continue reading.

New Displays Around the Building

Take a tour of our building and you will undoubtedly notice all the monitors displaying various charts and metrics. Continue reading to learn about the neat technology that makes it all possible.

Returning to “Normal”

We are looking forward to new times ahead as the pandemic begins to ease its grip. Click to read more!

EMP is Presenting at the Plex User Conference

We're proud to be presenting at the annual Plex user conference. Click to learn more about Plex and what we'll be presenting.

How We Hire New Employees

Our hiring process may be somewhat unorthodox, but it has paid dividends in our excellent employee retention rate and culture. Click to learn more!

New Sign for New Times

We've had some changes happening at our corporate headquarters. One of them is a new sign! Click to read more about the changes happening at EMP.

More EMP Culture

The time of reflection over the holidays led us to create three new EMP culture posters. Click to read more about the inspiration for these posters.

EMP Newsletter is 1 Year Old!

The new EMP Newsletter format is one year old! We hope you've been enjoying the new layout.