Barcode Scanners

EMP Technical Group brings you the industry leading products for your barcode scanning applications. Our products include hand held barcode scanners, imagers, direct part mark readers, cordless barcode scanners, automated barcode scanners and barcode verifiers from industry leading manufacturers including Zebra and Cognex.

DPM Readers

Read challenging direct part mark (DPM) codes with ease using these DPM barcode readers. Specialized scanning technology allow these readers to reliably capture codes even on challenging surfaces.

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

For industrial or high-volume barcode reading applications, fixed mount barcode scanners are the best choice. Their small footprint and high-performance read rates make them ideally suited to almost any type of scanning application.

handheld barcode scanner

Handheld Barcode Scanners

Corded or cordless. 1D, 2D or both. Ultra-rugged or retail grade. Handheld barcode scanners offer diverse features, flexibility and portability. With all the options to choose from, let EMP Tech Group help you select the scanner that best fits your specific scanning application. Call or click to get a quote today!

Zebra CC600 and CC6000 Kiosks

You may have seen them in your favorite retailer.  Mounted to a pole at the far end of the store, a kiosk that you can use for checking the price of an item.  Or more recently, you might have used one to place an order instead of going to a cash register-based clerk. 

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